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Sightseeing In Dubai On Local Transportation

Dubai is the most visited emirate and city in the United Arab Emirates, renowned for its ultramodern architectural and luxury shopping malls. Burj Kalam, the world's tallest tower, dominates the skyline. In its past, this monolithic structure was used as a warehouse and command center in World War Two. On its artificial islands just off shore is Atlantis, The Palm and a lavish resort with marine-fish and water parks. All in all, Dubai is a fascinating city to experience and to explore. Enjoy the view here.

Sightseeing during the summer months in Dubai is a lot of fun. The best tourist attraction here is of course the Burj al Arab Hotel and its indoor ski slope. This five star hotel has some great attractions like the Vertical Project, which lets you experience an indoor climbing tower straight from the outside with its own set of stairs. There are also indoor roller coasters and games at the Vertical Project. Dubai is also popular for its theme parks, which have a number of popular rides and roller coasters such as Space Mountain and WildFire.

If you want to get out and sightsee while on holiday, there are a number of sightseeing attractions you should not miss in Dubai. There is nothing more exotic than Arabian Desert and Al Hajar Mountains. While you are on your sightseeing excursion to these captivating landscape and mountain regions, do not miss out on one thing. That is, the stunning natural beauty of the al Hajar Mountains. For a one day break, you can view the flora and fauna of this nature's paradise in the company of friendly local guides who will share their experiences with you, from the peak tops to the villages below.

After experiencing the sightseeing in Dubai on local transport, you may want to go out of town for a taste of traditional Arabic cuisine. The most prominent dishes are hummus served in clay pots and satin coffins that can be found all over the city. You can also try one of the many international restaurants or sit down for a few moments with an expat and order some of their local favourites that can be found in every nook and corner of Dubai. Souks are also a must see while sightseeing in Dubai on local transport, as they offer a vast variety of products, including local products, that are imported straight from their hometowns.

On your sightseeing tour to Dubai, you may want to try the Desert Safari which is ideal for the whole family. The four day safari gives you the opportunity to drive to the Al Hajar Mountains and experience the sights, sounds and smells of the desert. After returning to the city on day time, enjoy dinner and entertainment at one of the Dubai's many five star hotels. If you do not want to spend the whole day sightseeing, the desert safari is not the best choice as it can get very hot and dry. It is however a very good option to fill up your calendar for the remaining part of the week.

You can also enjoy sightseeing in Dubai on local transport; you can take the metro to the heart of the city or hire a taxi to take you around. The metro can take you to all of the major sightseeing destinations of the city, including the Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah hotels which are situated in walking distance of each other. There are many other attractions that can be enjoyed by taking the metro or a cab to get around. Once you have visited the major attractions of the city, you can return to your hotel room and enjoy the rest of the week in complete comfort. Visit Palm Jumeirah and enjoy.

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